A Complete Mercedes Auto Repair Shop in Las Vegas


Owning a luxury vehicle means having a superior piece of engineering at your disposal. However, like any machine, your vehicle will only operate as well as it’s serviced and maintained, which makes it imperative you choose Quality Star Benz when you’re picking an auto repair shop in Las Vegas.

Because we specialize in Mercedes vehicles of all types, you can have peace of mind that you’re getting brand-specific services, performed by a highly knowledgeable specialist, no matter what your vehicle calls for. Our services include:

Routine services

  • Mercedes Flex A: If you’re driving a 1998 Mercedes or newer that requires auto repair in Las Vegas, we’re authorized to provide you with Flex A service. This service extends to all basic systems and subsystems of your Mercedes vehicle and encompasses all of the vital and routine checkups and change-outs that keep your luxury vehicle functioning to its fullest.
  • Mercedes Flex B: As you start to pass 20,000-mile increments your vehicle requires more in-depth attention and service. Flex B covers these aspects to keep your luxury vehicle running at its best, from top to bottom, bumper to bumper. Our techs can help you schedule Flex B services as needed, to give you complete peace of mind.
  • Oil, lube and filter: For routine maintenance and scheduled services, we provide you with thorough oil, lube and filter services, done to the high quality specifications of Mercedes standards.
  • Brake service and systems: We have the ability to analyze and repair master cylinders, brake lines and hoses, wheel cylinders and calipers, while also providing you with disc and drum brakes, pads and shoes.
  • State inspections: Need to pass your state vehicle inspection? Work with professionals who understand the nuances of a complex inspection and who can help you meet the qualifying standards needed to pass.
  • Batteries: Not getting the power you demand from your battery? Find yourself dealing with jumpstarts more often than you’d like? Let us check and, if necessary, replace your battery to ensure proper electrical function in your vehicle.

Auto body services

  • Headlight restoration: When your headlights fog over or become damaged with age, they’re unable to perform to their fullest, which can mean hazards for both you and other drivers on the road. We restore and replace headlight to ensure complete functionality.
  • Paintless dent removal: To save you money on smaller body repairs, we perform paintless dent removal, restoring your vehicle’s finish to perfection without the need for painting or clear coating.
  • Windshield repair: Cracks and chips in your windshield can be cumbersome to deal with and dangerous over time. We repair them to perfection, restoring visibility, safety and value to your vehicle.

Wheel and tire services

  • Tire replacement: From persistent flats, to worn treads, to complete blowouts, we can assist you in replacing damaged tires, to ensure you’re getting the traction, support and fuel economy you need on the road.
  • Tire rotation: Caring for your tires means properly rotating them. We can perform tire rotations as needed, extending the life of your treads and maintaining the alignment of your vehicle overall.
  • Wheel alignment: If your alignment is off your entire vehicle suffers. We can help calibrate your alignment to perfection, to ensure you’re able to drive straight and true at all times.
  • Wheel balance: We can adjust your camber, caster and toe to ensure your vehicles wheels are functioning optimally and performing to their fullest standards.

Engine and exhaust services

  • Computerized engine analysis: We analyze your onboard computer’s output to determine if you’re getting the best fuel economy, performance and proper emissions, and can help you trace problems that may be impeding these things.
  • Cooling system maintenance: In order to keep your cool air flowing we provide a comprehensive inspection and repairs to your cooling system. We check for leaks, belt and fan function, coolant levels, hoses, hookups and more to ensure supreme function.
  • Fuel injection service: Having the right fuel to air ratio is critical in getting optimal performance for your vehicle. Problems within your fuel injection system stymie this process. We can pinpoint and fix them to a superior degree!
  • Emissions testing: Have an emissions test coming up that you need taken care of? Failed your last emissions test and now require remediation and repairs before taking it again? We’re here to assist you in taking an emissions test and helping you to improve your vehicle’s prospects before taking one.
  • Exhaust: From your exhaust manifold to your catalytic converter, out through your muffler, your emissions system is a critical subsystem of your vehicle. We work to eliminate loud noises, emissions malfunctions and other common issues stemming from this system.

Chassis and driveline services

  • Shocks and struts: We have the knowledge and capabilities to help you support your vehicle through proper suspension repairs and replacements, starting with shocks and struts. From rods and arms to joints and springs, we do it all.
  • Transmission maintenance: Gears slipping? Transmission fluid leaking? Grinding or shuddering noises coming from your vehicle? Let us assist you with proper transmission maintenance to ensure you avoid major repairs or rebuilds.
  • CV and drive axle: To ensure proper alignment, minimized drivetrain wear, optimal fuel economy and more, we have the capacity to test and adjust your CV and drive axle, to ensure precise alignment and operation.

Roadside and towing services

  • Roadside assistance: Broken down on the side of the road? No problem! We provide a bevy of roadside services to get you back safely towards your destination.
  • Towing: If your roadside issue becomes too much to resolve on the side of the road, we can assist you with towing back to our facilities.

Sprinter van repairs

  • We also specialize in repairs and maintenance for Dodge and Mercedes Sprinter vans. We understand the high expectations you have for these vehicles—whether for fleet usage or personal use—and provide comprehensive services to ensure they’re always functioning at the unparalleled level you demand from them.